The Beadist Speaks!

Writing about art is like painting about literature. Both have been done, to some degree of success, but I’d rather be gluing beads on stuff than sit here pecking and poking at this ol’ keyboard. The secret of my magic? Find or create an object that inspires my, glue stuff all over it, sit back and smile at it. Repeat. What this forum is really for is to update everyone on upcoming shows and publications and to occasionally link to other artists and venues that I’ve found inspirational. But first, since this is my maiden voyage, a few words of thanks.

First and foremost, my wonderful, talented, long-suffering husband, Phil “Bert” Huling. What would I do without him? Nothing. He is the mad genius behind my gorgeous new website, and my gorgeous old one. He takes all of the beautiful photographs of my work, he schleps me around without complaint, he makes me laugh, hard, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, he is my constant muse and chief cheerleader. Thank you, my love.

Second, I’d like to thank spell-check. Without you there would be no blog.

Third, to all of my friends who have oohed and aahed as if on cue, who’ve lent me their cars and muscle, who’ve faithfully come to shows to cheer me on, who’ve given me cool crap to use in my work, who’ve shared my work with their friends, who’ve bought my work, who’ve shared a bottle of wine and a good laugh, who’ve proven over and over again that I’m the luckiest person on earth. Dayenu.

I will try to post often and well. For those of you who know me, I will try to watch my language. No promises. Please check back every now and again, feel free to leave comments and ask questions. Hey, it ain’t much but . . . it ain’t much.