How it’s done…

So many people ask me questions about how I do what I do. It ain’t rocket science, but it does take a lot of patience, manual dexterity and good eyes. here are the basics –

I find objects that I want to adorn. They need to be solid, but I’ve used all kinds of materials and haven’t had any problems as yet getting my glue to stick. I use Czech glass seed beads, usually #11s, which I buy from lots of different places. I also collect cool buttons, tokens, chain, crap. Okay. I string the beads in patterns, put down a fine line of glue (Alene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue) using my Airpen (see previous post). Then I glue down one strand of beads and pull out the thread. 

There! That’s about it! Try it, it’s fun and relaxing but please, please, don’t copy my style? Express yourself, be creative, explore design, there’s nothing more satisfying! A wonderful source of inspiration is 500 Beaded Objects from Lark Books. I’m not in it, didn’t know about this wonderful series at the time, but it’s a real treasure!

Good luck and have fun!


Big Egg Hunt NYC


Big Egg Hunt NYC

I’ve been super busy working on this giant egg for The Big Egg Hunt ( My egg, along with some 250 others, will be hidden somewhere in NYC in April. Maps will be available and I’ll try to remember to post an update with dates and places when I know them. At the end of the month-long hunt, all of the eggs will be auctioned off online, the money going to good and worthy causes – elephant preservation and arts education. Pretty cool! Stay tuned!